Qskeptics on Eating Disorders

Desi Achilleos

From the Eating Disorders Association Resource Centre (Qld)

Eating issues exist on a continuum from trivial to lethal. They can start out simply as missed meals but then progress to restrictive diets and all the way to complex multifaceted illnesses.  Eating disorders can be compulsive, obsessive or even competitive and a lot more. They can be related to self-image or self-indulgence and family dynamics but like smoking most people with an eating issue want to give it up – but they can’t.

Not all eating issues are addictions and there is genetics to consider as well; and where something is uncontrollable there are scams, fads and ever-so-earnest entrepreneurial do-gooders who make a living out of other people’s misery – the diet industry.

A new book claims polyunsaturated fats are the problem and here we were thinking they were good for you? The role of taste may be underestimated in “foodology” particularly with children; do our taste buds get hijacked? What tastes better than a lamb chop to a hungry lad? Delectable desserts? Confectionery? Hi cal drinks!

Eating disorders are not just about food?

The Redbrick Hotel

Cnr Annerley and Stephens Rd South Brisbane

Monday March 25 2013

6pm dinner 7:30pm meeting

Eating Disorders Association Resource Centre 12 Chatsworth Rd., Greenslopes. Qld. 4120 3394 3661

Bob Bruce, Q Skeptics