Ipswich Meetup 16th October 2014


Ipswich SitP meeting will take place on Thursday 16th October at the CBD Tavern starting 18:30. The Ipswich meeting is every second Thursday of the month to complement the city meeting which is every 1st Tuesday.

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SitP: Brisbane Skeptics in the Pub is a very relaxed get together of rational folks. Show up any time after 6:30pm till closing; we are usually kicked out of the pub and carry on chatting outside til late.

Where: CBD Tavern, Ipswich. Click here for more info.

Contact: Phil Kent @Skeptimite 0417 696 739 Skeptimite@gmail.com or SMS 04353 75378

Keep in touch: Find Brisbane Sitp on Facebook and @BrisbaneSitp onTwitter