Open Letter to Michaels Oriental Re: Anti-Vax Seminar

Good morning,

I am writing to you in regards to the upcoming tour of Dr Tenpenny. By now you are aware of the controversy surrounding her opinions on vaccination. To put it bluntly, her campaign of mis-information puts the welfare of the community at risk, especially the health of children.

Hosting Dr Tenpenny can only harm to the reputation of your venue. So far, at least five venues have cancelled bookings; see this Sydney Morning Herald article I encourage you to follow suit as soon as possible.

I imagine you took the booking in good faith, without any reason to suspect the true nature of the event. By itself, this deception would be grounds to cancel. Please see the attached statement from The Concord Function Centre, who were also mis-led by Stephanie Messenger.

The Concord Function Centre takes it's social responsibility seriously.
The Concord Function Centre takes it’s social responsibility seriously.

The sooner you cancel the booking, the sooner you can distance yourself from this public relations problem and support positive health at the same time.

By continuing to host this event you are openly supporting the views of the anti-vaccine movement.

You might think this is an issue of free speech; certainly this is what the organisers of the event are saying. However, you need to weigh the costs that allowing dangerous lies to be spread at your venue. This article in the Sydney Morning Herald covers the topic wonderfully

Here is a sample of the negative media that this tour has been getting on national television and the press. You have to ask yourself if you want your brand to be associated with such negative attention.

The Project TV Show 7:30 Report on ABC TV The Daily Telegraph The Daily Mail SBS News The Age

If you would like more information on the benefits of vaccination, please see these resources as a starting point:

National Centre for Immunisation Immunise Australia CDC


This is an open letter and will be published at

I look forward to your positive reply.


Phil Kent


Brisbane Skeptic Society